Finally we’re back out and about

With everything in lockdown we’ve obviously had to cancel the last few month’s visit to our friends at CAESSR – although given our past rate of adopting (2 out of 3 visits) this may not have been a bad thing! In the meantime we thought you might like to be kept up to date with the continuing adventures of our adopted spaniels Willow and Chewy. We’re limited to being able to stay local with them but we are fortunate enough to have a rather special place to walk them on our doorstep. We also want to keep you appraised of the great work that CAESSR continue to do so that as soon as their adoption process is reinstated you’ll be able to apply for your very own spaniel. Its been a pretty amazing spring so far – the first bluebells are showing here in the north-west and the celandines have been out for a couple of weeks.

As we head slowly back to some semblance of normality we’re looking forward to taking the dogs further afield as well as catching up with the folks over at CAESSR. We’ve also got some exciting news about Chewy who will shortly be doing his bit to support them. There will also be an opportunity to win an hour long experience with us via their raffle.

In the meantime we’re pleased to announce that we will be offering experiences again provided social distancing can be maintained and we will soon be adding a new option to included guided walks suitable for you and your pups!

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  1. By: Caroline Hockley Posted: July 20, 2020

    Hi Mark,
    I just heard Dews read out your little statement on Primordial Radio, and felt I had to reach out. I’m also on steroids (due to colitis), and, after 20 years of being blighted by this awful illness, am due to have surgery on 3rd August. Over the years I’ve only been able to work intermittently and in most cases have had to keep my illness a secret from my employers.
    I, too, have a white dog – a beautiful Samoyed called Loki. She keeps me sane during these crazy times of self isolation.
    Keep up the good work, and hope all goes well for you x

    • By: Mark Posted: September 28, 2020

      Thanks Caroline – that means so much. We’d love to see some pictures of Loki!

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